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¿Cómo elegir una almohada de espuma de memoria de alta calidad?

diciembre 9, 2017


As is well-known, memory foam has an open-cell structure, which is also refer to as slow rebound foam, so we use this material to make pillows, which can relieve body pressure very well and sleep on it very comfortably.

Contour-shape of the pillow molds to the cervical physiological curve,support cervical vertebra very well, can prevent neck vertebra deformation. Long time using this memory foam pillow can be helpful to prevention of neck vertebra disease and relief neck pain.

  • Many customers asked me how to choose a high quality memory foam pillow. Here I give some tips for your reference.Foam weight heavier, the pillow is better. We know the denser of memory foam, the quality is better. So for same size of memory foam pillow, the foam weight heavier, the quality is better.
  • Slow rebound: premium quality memory foam pillow rebounds slowly after pressure removing, recovering the original pillow shape around 3s-6s.
  • Constant temperature: The new generation memory foam pillow is constant temperature, it is soft in summer as well as in winter.

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